About Nashorn

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Nashorn is a collection of 3,333 uniquely generated Rhinoceros existing eternally in the big savanna of the Solana blockchain. Not only is each Nashorn unique, but they also grant their holders with special opportunities.

Indeed, holders will be granted an access to the hideout of these little rascals/teachers.

  • 10% of our profits will be distributed to an association in order to fight against poaching.

    At the moment, we are still looking for one which will fit the best our objectives.

  • A large variety of attributes!

    Each rhino comes with their own set of attributes to help distinguish them. There are over 100 attributes used.


Over 90+ Attributes used

NFTs ever minted


Hours Of Work

This project took us over 1 month

Hard Workers

We are a team of 5 who worked hard


Our Hardworking Team

The project started among a group of 5 friends, but now it is way more than that. ( All the NFTs used to represent our team are NOT part of the collection).


Principal of Nashorn


Assistant Direct Developer Web


Visual art lead






Frequently Asked Questions

These questions are made in order to give you the most information needed before you mint.

  • Nashorn is a classroom regrouping rhinoceros who escaped poaching, in a very special school.

  • We will create a total of 3,333 Nashorn (Rhinoceros) which will all be part of a classroom : The Nashorn Classroom. All the NFTs which will be used to represent our team is NOT part of the collection.

  • There is no limit per wallet. If you are quick enough you can snatch as many as you can. However, there will be only 1 Rhinoceros per transaction.

  • There is no need to refresh the page.

  • Each Rhinoceros will cost 0,19 SOL to mint for the presale ( no WL, it will be FCFS) and 0.22 SOL for the public sale, however we will be having a close look at the price of the Solana and this price may change.

  • Yes, we have a presale, the day is still on TBA, however you can check our twitter and discord for the giveaways before our launch!

  • Yes there is. You can check the #announcements📢 channel on discord, or on the website in the attributes section.